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RM 1 Tube Tester / Tube Checker - Stereo 5/04

"Who is able to know exactly whether the tubes in an amplifier are still good? The RM 1 gives exact clarity!"

Actually Helmut Beck is known as developer and manufacturer of loudspeakers - he also produces tube amplifiers. These circumstances probably led him to develop his latest product: the Tube Tester RM 1.

This beautiful equipment, at the cost of round about 600 Euro, lives in an attractive wooden housing fronted with aluminium and it contains tube bases for the most common tubes out of the hi-fi business: ECC81/82/83, 6SL7-GT, EL34, 6550, KT66, KT88, 6L6-GC, 5881, 6V6-GT and EL84.

The stabilized power supply provides the "glass containers" with accurately defined operating parameters, a pleasing exact working pointer instrument indicating the flowing plate current, after a few minutes of warm-up time.

One can find out the tube's "state of health", on the other hand it enables to form couples or even quarters to match out of a contingent of several tubes. Under consideration of the actual prices for selected tube sets, the acquisition of a RM 1 can amortize in a short period of time. Comparable devices can only be bought used; therefore they are very rare, hard to find, and if so, they are extremely expensive.

Measuring sockets for other tube types are feasible, contact the manufacturer: BECK ELEKTROAKUSTIK, e‑mail: beck.elektroakustik@t‑online.de, website: www.beck‑elektroakustik.com.

Author: Holger Barske